Communicating effectively with your customers is essential for any business. Whether you are contacting a new prospect for the first time or following up on a recent purchase a business can fall or flourish based on the quality of its communication systems.

Exceedigital print can provide comprehensive communication management solutions for your business that are competitively priced while still being impressive. Using SMS, email or direct mail, our knowledge and experience will help your business meet all of its communication needs regardless of whether your company is large, medium or small.

Why Direct Customer Communication?

Personalisation has been proven in research to improve the likelihood of customers being receptive to business communication. When you personalise your communication mediums by adding the customer’s name, address, personal interests, etc., the customer is comforted by the fact that you as a business know who they are and care about their needs and concerns. When a customer begins to feel more like they are talking to a friend rather than a business, they become much more likely to reciprocate communications and begin to build a relationship with your business.

Exceedigital print can effectively produce documents that are personalised for each of your customers. We use the relevant information for each customer and we insert the information seamlessly into your preferred form of communication. By specifically targeting each customer on an individual basis, you will drastically increase the potency of your communication mediums.

Direct Mail

At Exceedigital print, we have the knowledge and experience to help you design, process and mail your direct mail campaign.

Exceedigital print is committed to providing high quality direct mailings that are professional while still being affordable. We will create a design for your direct mail that is both compelling and useful. Your marketing campaigns and customer relations will improve and your budget will benefit by contacting us to learn more about the direct mail services we offer.

We provide:

Postcards that are personalised with beautiful, vivid digital images
Personalised mail packets
Hand assembly & Fulfilment
Match mailings
Online intel barcode matching
Lodgement solution