In order for a business to thrive, it is important for it to have effective communication between customers, staff, business partners, and suppliers. Exceedigital print can help businesses to efficiently manage their distribution, communication and print demands with state of the art information solutions and services. Your customers, staff, and partners must receive your information quickly and seamlessly and with that in mind, we designed our quality print management solutions to ensure that your business could effectively and efficiently distribute its print material in an affordable environmentally responsible manner. What Can We Do for You? The print management and distribution solutions that Exceedigital print can provide allow your business to efficiently and effectively: Corporate Printing Manuals Inform and update your organisation, including contractors, staff, partners, etc. of new relevant legislation or internal policy changes. Executive summary Create an executive summary that allows your employees to become familiar with large projects without having to read all of the documentation. Give them the basic information, an analysis, and the main conclusions in a concise summary. Annual report Create an annual report regarding your company’s activities over the past year. This helps to provide useful information to interested parties such as shareholders. Board papers Create board papers, complete with background information, dissention, and recommendations for the board of directors of your business to consider. Training manual Create a training manual that can be distributed across multiple facilities. Don’t leave your employees in the dark. Once they know what is to be expected of them there will be no excuse for lack of productivity. Human Resources notifications Create Human Resources notifications for staff members informing them of important new company policies, regulations, etc. Distribution Distribute selected documentation to multiple divisions across multiple facilities. Internal advertising Create internal advertising for contractors and members of your staff across various facilities. Exceedigital print For All of Your Physical or Digital Print Distribution Requirements Here at Exceedigital print we provide our competent and efficient solutions to your print and distribution concerns at affordable rates. Our commitment to customer service means that we believe you should get what you pay for, and we can assure our clients that when they utilise our effective solutions they will be getting quality, professional service provided in a timely manner.